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  • 01 Overview
  • 02 Gold Pvd Coating Features:
  • 03 Main Application
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  • 05 Specifications

01 Overview

To achieve a gold color, a thin layer of gold exist onto the stainless steel sheet using a PVD process. In the same. A layer of titanium nitride (TiN) or other black material is present on the stainless steel plate. You can get black. Blue and rose gold can also get, by the PVD process. The process involves depositing a thin layer of titanium oxide . Or titanium nitride with a specific thickness. This produces the desired color.

compliant with standard cetification

02 Gold Pvd Coating Features:

Some of the properties of stainless steel sheet coatings in different colors include:

Durability: These coatings are very durable and resistant to scratches, fading, and wear.

Versatility: They have a wide range of applications. And can DIY. According to different stainless steel plate size and shape. This makes it suitable for various applications.

Customizability: PVD coatings can be DIY. Create a wide range of colors and finishes. Provide more choices for designers and manufacturers. This can create unique and attractive products.

03 Main Application

1、Architectural design: create unique and visually appealing designs for building exteriors and interiors.

2、Interior design: creating decorative and stylish finishes for furniture, lighting fixtures, and accessories.

3、Automotive trim: create stylish and durable finishes for automotive decorations and accessories. Appliance manufacturing: create visually appealing finishes for kitchen and home appliances.

4、Jewelry and watchmaking: create stylish and unique finishes for jewelry and watch components. Electronics:creating stylish and durable finishes for electronic devices. Such as smartphones and laptops.

04 Download

Vacuum coating overview

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05 Specifications

Model FOXIN-GD-1840 FOXIN-GD-2340 FOXIN-GD-2540 FOXIN-GD-2345 FOXIN-GD-2548 FOXIN-GD-2265
Chamber Size(mm) Ф1800×H4000mm2000xH3500 Ф2300×H4000mm Ф2500×H4000mm Ф2300×H4500mm Ф2500×H4800mm Ф2200×H6500mm
Industry Hardware industry, decoration industry, household appliances industry, etc
Product Stair handrail, household appliances, LOGO signs, stainless steel display rack, stainless steel pieces and plates, etc
Coating Film Type Titanium, rose gold, champagne gold, Japanese gold, silver, colorful, sapphire orchid, rose red, black and so on
Vacuum System Vertical door opening, hoisting or bedroom trolley structure equipped with air extraction system and water cooling system
Vacuum Measurement Maintenance pump + mechanical pump + Roots pump + diffusion pump or molecular pump (specific models can be configured according to customer requirements)
Supply Type Dc power supply, intermediate frequency power supply, pulse power supply (bias power supply, arc power supply)
Ultimate Pressure No-load cold state 1.0-6.0 ×10-4Pa
Arc Source 22set-28set 22set-28set 26set-32set 26set-32set 32set-48set 32set-48set
Arc Source 200A-300A 200A-300A 200A-300A 200A-300A 200A-300A 200A-300A
Bias Power Supply 60KW/1set 60KW/1set 70KW/1set 70KW/1set 80KW/1set 100KW/1set
Rotation Multi-axis planetary male rotation, frequency control (controllable and adjustable)
Baking Temperature Controllable and adjustable from normal temperature to 450℃ (PID temperature control)
Gas The flow control and display system of 3-channel or 4-channel process gas is equipped with automatic gas filling system Argon, nitrogen, oxygen, acetylene, etc
Cooling Method Water cooling cycle, with industrial cooling tower or industrial chiller (chiller) or cryogenic system. (Provided by customer)
Mode of control PLC+ touch screen operation or computer control, manual, semi-automatic, automatic mode,
Supply Index Air pressure 0.5-0.8MPa, water temperature ≤25℃, water pressure ≥0.2MPa,
Warning Alarm the abnormal situation such as water shortage, overvoltage and undervoltage, circuit break, etc. of pump and target, and implement corresponding protection measures and electrical interlocking function.
Total Power 165~185KW 185~200KW 200~225KW 225~245KW 245~265KW 265~300KW
Output Frequency Voltage 380V±5%, frequency 50Hz (according to the customer's national electricity standard configuration)
Occupation Space 25~55m² 35~55m² 35~55m² 45~55m² 45~55m² 55~75m²
Remark Non-standard equipment can be designed and manufactured according to user requirements, and magnetron sputtering target and intermediate frequency twin pair target can be installed.