Ceramic Tiles Intermediate Frequency Multifunction


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  • 01 Overview
  • 02 Features of the machine include:
  • 03 Main Application
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  • 05 Specifications

01 Overview

 Ceramic Tiles Intermediate Frequency Multifunction refers to a machine used for ceramic tile production. It is an automatic device that integrates a range of functions to improve the efficiency of the production process. The purpose of the machine is to streamline and optimize the production of ceramic tiles, making them faster, more efficient, and more precise.

compliant with standard cetification

02 Features of the machine include:

Automatic operation: The machine is fully automated, which reduces the need for manual labor and increases efficiency.

Multifunctionality: The machine integrates a range of functions, such as material feeding, mixing, and pressing, to streamline the production process.

High precision: The machine is designed to produce ceramic tiles with high precision and accuracy.

Energy-efficient: The machine uses intermediate frequency technology, which consumes less energy than other machines used for ceramic tile production.

03 Main Application

1、Ceramic tile production: The machine is primarily used for the production of ceramic tiles.

2、Other industries: The machine can also be used in other industries that require material mixing, pressing, and other functions.

04 Download

PVD-Vacuum multi-arc ion coating

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05 Specifications

Model TG-1418 TG-1620 TG-1820 TG-2020 TG-2023 TG-2030
Chamber Size(mm) Ф1400×H1800mm Ф1600×H2000mm Ф1800×H2000mm Ф2000×H2000mm Ф2000×H2300mm Ф2000×H3000mm
Application Hardware industry, sanitary appliance industry decoration industry, household appliances industry Faucet, stair handrail, household appliances LOGO signs, stainless steel frame stainless steel parts and plate, etc
Coating Film Type Rose gold Champagne gold Japanese gold Silver Colorful Sapphire orchid Rose red, black and so on
Vacuum Chamber equip with pumping system and water cooling system Vertical door, hanging or horizontal cart structure
Vacuum System Sustaining Pump +Mechanical Pump + Roots Pump + Diffusion Pump Molecule Pump(specific model according to customers' requirements)
Vacuum 1 set pirani 1 set cold cathode 1 set diaphragm gauge
Supply Type DC power MF power, pulse power(bias power, arc power)
Ultimate 1.0-6.0x10-4Pa Non-loading cooling
Arc Source 16-24 set 16-24 set 18-26 set 18-26 set 22-28 set 22-28 set
Arc Source 200A-300A 200A-300A 200A-300A 200A-300A 200A-300A 200A-300A
Bias Power 40KW/1 set 40KW/1 set 40KW/1 set 50KW/1 set 50KW/1 set 60KW/1 set
Magnetron Power Supply 1-2 set 1-2 set 2-3 set 2-3 set - - - -
Rotation Mult-axis planetary with frequency control Can be controlled and adiustec
Baking Normal temperature ~300C can be controlled and adjusted(PID temperature control)
Gas 3 or 4 ways working gas flow control and display system matched with auto gas adding system Ar, N2, C2H2, O2
Cooling Method Water cooling circulation equip with industrial cooling tower industrial water chiller(refrigerating machine) cryogenic system(customers provide)
Controlling Manual half-auto, auto touch screen operation PLC or computer controlled
Supply Index Air Pressure 0.5-0.8MPa Water Temperature<25C Water Pressure>0.2MPa
Warning Alarming system will work when hydropenia, over-voltage, circuit break such abnormal situation happensand carry out related protect solution and electric interlock.
Total Power 100~125KW 125~145KW 145~165KW 165~185KW 185~200KW 200KW
Output Voltage 220V,Frequency 50Hz(equip as customers' national electricity standard)
Occupation 15~50㎡ 15~50㎡ 25~55㎡ 25~55㎡ 35~55㎡ 35~55㎡
Remark Design and produce special machine according to customers' require, can add magnetron sputtering target,MF twins target,etc.