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  • 01 Overview
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  • 03 Working Principle:
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01 Overview

PVD Vacuum Coating Equipment can perform thin-film coating on the surface of spectacle frames. The PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) process involves a solid material (called a target). The target is vaporize in a vacuum environment. It is then deposited onto the surface of the eyeglass frame. Forms a thin, uniform coating on the surface of spectacle frames. The target material can be selecte according to the desired properties of the coating. Examples include the colour, hardness, adhesion or corrosion resistance of the coating.

compliant with standard cetification

02 Benefit

Aesthetic enhancements: PVD coating can be use to create a range of colors and finishes. Including gold, silver, black, and rainbow colors, on glasses frames. This makes your frame more unique and attractive.

Scratch resistance: PVD coating can improve the scratch resistance of eyeglass frames. This can help them last longer. Their appearance is maintaine over time.

Corrosion resistance: PVD coatings can also improve the corrosion resistance of eyeglass frames. This is important in wet or corrosive environments. Examples include proximity to the ocean or industrial environments.

Medical applications: PVD coatings can be use to create biocompatible coatings on eyeglass frames. Suitable for medical applications such as surgical instruments or prosthetic devices.

Industrial applications: It also enhances the performance of the glass frame. such as in protective eyewear for workers in hazardous environments.

03 Working Principle:

PVD vacuum coating equipment includes:

1、Vacuum chambers, targets, high energy sources. and substrate support. High energy sources such as electron beams or plasmas, for example. Spectacle frames are loade onto substrate supports. Then place in a vacuum chamber. The target material is heate and melted in a vacuum chamber. The resulting ionized particles are deposite on the surface of the glass frame。

2、This device is suitable for a wide variety of coatings. Such as metal, ceramic, diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating. Enhances the durability, scratch resistance and aesthetics of eyeglass frames. The process is also environmentally friendly. As it does not use hazardous chemicals or produce harmful emissions.

04 Download

Vacuum coating overview

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05 Specifications

Vacuum Chamber Size(mm) Ф700×H800mm Ф800×H900mm Ф900×H1000mm Ф1000×H1200mm Ф1200×H1200mm Ф1200×H1500mm
Industry Watch industry, 3C industry, hardware industry, precision mold industry, tool industry, etc
Product Case watchband, drill, hard alloy, milling cutter, punching rod standard parts die, forming die, etc
Coating Film Type Titanium nitride , Titanium nitride carbide, Zirconium nitride , Chromium nitride , Titanium aluminum nitride ,Titanium carbide
Vacuum System The vertical front door structure is equipped with air pumping system and water cooling system
Vacuum Measurement Maintenance pump + mechanical pump + Roots pump + diffusion pump or molecular pump (specific models can be configured according to customer requirements)
Vacuum measuring system One Pilani (MKS) One cold cathode (MKS) One thin film gauge (MKS)
Supply Type Dc power supply, intermediate frequency power supply, pulse power supply (bias power supply, arc power supply)
Ultimate Pressure No-load cold state 1.0-6.0 ×10-4Pa
Arc Source 6set-8set 6set-8set 8set-12set 8set-12set 10set-14set 10set-14set
Arc Source 200A-300A 200A-300A 200A-300A 200A-300A 200A-300A 200A-300A
Bias Power Supply 20KW/1set 20KW/1set 20KW/1set 30KW/1set 30KW/1set 30KW/1set
Magnetron power Supply 1set-2set 1set-2set 2set-3set 2set-3set 2set-3set 2set-3set
Rotation Multi-axis planetary male rotation, frequency control (controllable and adjustable)
Baking Temperature Controllable and adjustable from -300℃ to 450℃ to 600℃ (PID temperature control)
Gas The flow control and display system of 3-channel or 4-channel process gas is equipped with automatic gas filling system
Gas Argon, nitrogen, oxygen, acetylene, etc
Cooling Method Water cooling cycle, with industrial cooling tower or industrial chiller (chiller) or cryogenic system. (Provided by customer)
Mode of control PLC+ touch screen operation or computer control, manual, semi-automatic, automatic mode,
Supply Index Air pressure 0.5-0.8MPa, water temperature ≤25℃, water pressure ≥0.2MPa,
Warning Alarm the abnormal situation such as water shortage, overvoltage and undervoltage, circuit break, etc. of pump and target, and implement corresponding protection measures and electrical interlocking function.
Total Power 25~65KW 45~85KW 65~105KW 85~115KW 95~125KW 100~130KW
Output Frequency Voltage 380V±5%, frequency 50Hz (according to the customer's national electricity standard configuration)
Occupation Space 15~50m² 15~50m² 25~55m² 25~55m² 35~55m² 35~55m²
Remark Non-standard equipment can be designed and manufactured according to user requirements, and magnetron sputtering target and intermediate frequency twin pair target can be installed.