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Foxin Vacuum PVD Coating Machine Manufacturer

Aug 01, 2023

In 2003, we set up a wholly-owned factory, and independently researched and developed vacuum coating instead of the traditional hydroelectric coating. 2012, we set up a number of wholly-owned subsidiaries, and our plant area expanded from 6000m² to nearly 20,000m². 2021 we were awarded the title of provincial specialized and special new enterprise in the country. In 2021, Mr. Wu was awarded the title of National Provincial Specialized and Specialized New Enterprise.

1、FOXIN PVD equipment category:

The company focuses on all kinds of coating equipment manufacturing, mainly including: TG Multi-Arc Magnetron DLC-Tools Coating Machine

 TG Medium-Frequency Magnetron Sputtering-High-Grade Products Coating Machine, TG Multi-Arc Ion Hardware Fittings Coating Machine, TG Oversized Ion Tubes Coating Machine

TG Extra-Long-Height Multi-Arc Ion Large-Scale Hardware Coating Machine, TG Extra-Large-Scale Series-Doors & Windows Ceramic Hardware Coating Machine

TG Oversized Ion Tubes Coating Machine, TG Extra-Long-Height Multi-Arc Ion Large-Scale Hardware Coating Machine, TG Extra-Large-Diameter Multi-Arc Ion – Stainless Steel Coating Machine, TG Extra-Large Diameter Multi-Arc Ion – Stainless Steel Coating Machine.

2、FOXIN PVD Industry Applications:

The equipment is widely used in building materials, large hardware, clocks and watches, cell phones, aerospace, electronics, toys, computer parts, automotive decoration and other industries.

3、Coating processing center introduction:

Foxin also operates a number of titanium hardware processing plant, in the vacuum coating to replace the traditional water electroplating has done a lot of research work in plastic, stainless steel and other surfaces of the coating processing process has made a breakthrough, making the vacuum coating in the cell phone shells, watch cases and straps, ceramic tiles, glass and crystal jewelry, jewelry, hardware accessories and other surface treatment of the actual use of, to help the user to buy the present No pollution being Coating Processing.

Main coated products: stainless steel furniture, display racks, stainless steel engineering products, door locks, handles, handicrafts, automobile and motorcycle accessories modification parts, lighting, golf head, etc..

There are many different colors of film available, such as gold, blue, bronze, and more.

4、Quality inspection:

The factory is equipped with imported helium mass spectrometer leak detector, digital oscilloscope and other advanced equipment for quality inspection to ensure the quality of the equipment, after continuous innovation, perseverance and hard work, won a good reputation in the industry.

Enterprise honors:

Behind every honor is an arduous journey. The products, with their scientific yet environmentally friendly features and their excellent quality, are recognized by the professional field and the majority of consumers, and have won a number of honorary titles! (Ranking in no particular order)

1、Quality management system in accordance with ISO9001 standards

2、Quality-service-integrity 3A enterprise

3、China High-tech Enterprise

4、A kind of bias power supply structure patent certificate

5、A kind of energy-saving cathodic arc source patent certificate

6、A one-piece refrigerated arc source patent certificate

7,、large diameter multi-arc ion coating machine patent certificate

8,、magnetron ion sputtering coating machine patent certificate

Production process:

From drawing design → cavity welding → pipe design and production → automatic welding → power supply electrical production → factory debugging before shipment, with the fastest time to do the safest equipment handover to the hands of customers!

Internet Telehandling:

Internet Telehandling is a comprehensive production reporting tool that refers to detailed machine production, process and fault feedback in quick link. It provides decision makers, lean manufacturing practitioners, real-time and historical data to analyze data by shift, date, and machine facility as an enterprise. For problem solving, remote monitoring also includes features such as self-managed alerts and customizable dashboards and displays.

Service System:

Foxin has professional R&D personnel and excellent after-sales service, the company has established a global service network, a team of professional engineers to provide users around the world with fast, high-quality technical services. We are committed to providing customers with high-quality vacuum coating equipment and core technical support, but also can provide customers with personalized solutions and fast and quality after-sales service.

Foxin’s Philosophy

Foxin’s constant quest for perfection and cooperation with our customers, suppliers and research centers, constantly improves our machines so that the customers we work with remain innovative, competitive and advantageous. We never stop, both from an economic and environmental point of view, and it is with this passion that we are preparing to face the next 30 years!

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